Le bateau dans tous ses états | Lyse Charland Favretti solo exhibition

From April 11 through May 23, 2024, the Espace VERRE Gallery will present Le bateau dans tous ses états an exhibition featuring the works of Lyse Charland Favretti.  Over the past twelve years, the artist Lyse Charland Favretti has devoted her leisure time to navigation. Her aquatic travels elaborated a new source of inspiration: the imagery [...]

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Passing of Ronald Labelle, cofounder of Espace VERRE

It is with great sadness that we learned of Ronald Labelle's passing. Glass artist and cofounder of Espace VERRE, he  passed away on February 29, 2024. Born in 1942 in Montreal, Ronald was an important figure of the Quebec artistic scene, notably in the glass art and photography domains. As a photographer, he fulfilled numerous [...]

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La Nuit Blanche at Espace VERRE | 2024 Edition

From 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM on March 2, for the 2024 edition of Montreal Nuit Blanche, Espace VERRE is delighted to participate in the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE celebrations once again. We invite you to an enchanting evening, "Magie du Verre et du Feu," which will immerse you in a universe of fiery creativity. At [...]

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U linum | Dylan Duchet solo exhibition |

From February 15 through March 29, 2024, the gallery Espace VERRE will present the U linum, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Dylan Duchet.  "Graphics that leave room for imagination. Lines that make you think, that make you remember, that put you in someone else’s place. Lines that are not just lines. " Dylan [...]

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Spirit of Christmas Pop-Up

From November 16 through December 22, 2023, the Espace VERRE gallery will present the Spirit of Christmas, our annual pop-up show. In our gallery-boutique, you will find many seasonal gifts that will please everyone on your nice list such as: contemporary vases in unique colours and forms, bowls and glasses to receive your guests around [...]

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Make Your Own Blown Glass Ornament, 2023 edition – SOLD OUT

Espace VERRE is pleased to announce  the 14th edition of the its most popular and anticipated Holiday tradition,  Make Your Own Blown Glass Ornament Activity. Whether with family, friends or work colleagues, create a unique ornament by choosing from this year’s models and seasonal colours, before assisting one of our glassblowing elves by blowing in [...]

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Portrait of a graduated student : Jacques-Éric Pronovost

Jacques-Éric presents his artistic approach Jacques-Éric Pronovost is part of the Espace VERRE’s 32nd group of graduates. In this short video, he will describe his artistic process. Jacques-Éric’s work refers to the birth of a being who is influenced by the elements and experiences surrounding it. This foundation is an integral part of his evolution [...]

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Portrait of a graduated student : Renaud Gagné-Turbide

Renaud Gagné-Turbide presents his artistic approach Renaud Gagné-Turbide is part of the Espace VERRE’s 32nd group of graduates. In this short video, he will elaborate on the impact that his glass education has had on his way of working in the studio and on his professional projects. Renaud focuses on the glassblowing technique for the [...]

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FLUCTUATION | Groupe exhibition

GROUP EXHIBITION | FLUCTUATION   From September 14 through October 25, 2023, the Espace VERRE gallery will present FLUCTUATION, a group exhibition featuring eight emerging glass artists. Espace VERRE has chosen to celebrate its 40th Anniversary by using the concept of molting as a theme. While this living metaphor represents the natural process of transformation, it [...]

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