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Intensive weekend classes

*COVID-19 Update* To better uphold the sanitary mesures in place to stop the transmission of the virus, the weekend classes are currently suspended.

With: Angela Casalino
Dates and times: TBD

Discover the glass techniques with a gallery tour, studio demonstrations and practical exercises (kiln working, flameworking and sandblasting).

Cost: $110


With: Zou Desbiens, Ashley Ouimet, and Julien Mongeau
Date and time: TBD

Observe and practice the basic technical steps of glassblowing to create decorative pieces.

Cost: $320 (2 days) or $400 (3 days)


With: Catherine Benoit
Prerequisite : Glassblowing 1
Date and time: TBD

Practice and improve different glassblowing techniques to create personal projects.

Cost: $420


With: Catherine Benoit
Prerequisite : Glassblowing 2
Date and time: TBD

Relying on techniques learned in Glassblowing I and II, you will work on the shape of objects and the basic technical notions.

Cost: $450


With: Isabelle Alepins
Date and time: TBD

Discover the elementary steps of the kiln working technique. Learn to slump and fuse sheets of glass to create original objects.

Cost: $240


With: Isabelle Alepins
Prerequisite : Kiln working 1
Date and time: TBD

Learn to fully and partially fuse glass on an engraved plaster bed while using plain and coloured sheet glass.

Cost: $260

With: Jean-Marie Giguère
Date and time: TBD

Discover the different vitreous pigments and explore image transfer using Lazertran. Create your own personal projects on sheet, kiln-worked or blown glass pieces.

Cost: $210


With: Ashley Ouimet (February) or Cathy Strokowsky (March)
Date and time: TBD

Observe and practice the basics of flameworking: shaping (beads, marbles), constructing (animals, sculptures) and blowing (balls, bottles).

Cost: $270


With: Antony Brin-Piley
Date and time: TBD

Explore the flameworking techniques to make decorative and functional objects with borosilicate tubes and rods.

Cost: $280

With: Jean-Marie Giguère
Date and time: TBD

Explore the many sculptural possibilities offered by the cold glass techniques. Learn to cut, engrave, polish, and frost glass using a diamond saw and drill, flat lap grinders, belt sanders, as well as cork and cotton polishing wheels.

Cost: $115

With: Gilles Payette
Date and time: TBD

Learn the different steps of sand casting to make sculptural objects, using different molding techniques.

Cost: $460

With: Stephen Pon
Date and time: TBD

Learn to make a glass object using the lost wax technique. Develop a model that you will transfer into glass using the various applicable steps.

Cost: $495

All indicated prices are for one person and include materials and taxes.

Espace VERRE reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class, should there not be enough participants or if an unforeseen technical problem occurs.

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