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Scholarships & Bursaries

To support curricular and entrepreneurial perseverance of students and emerging glass artists, many scholarships and bursaries are offered to Espace VERRE’s students and graduates.

La persévérance Christian Poulin Bursary

Every year, an anonymous foundation offers a $1,000 scholarship to a student registered for the college programme’s 4th semester, to motivate perseverance towards receiving their diploma. It allows the student to pay tuition fees, buy glass art tools and materials.

Faire la différence Foundation Bursaries

The Faire la différence Foundation offers four annual bursaries of $1,250 each for Espace VERRE’s graduates starting their careers in the glass art field. The funding can be used to purchase equipment, tools, as well as cover some of the transitional Fusion program’s rental fees.

Houdé-Mendel Bursary

This annual juried bursary permits its laureate the use of the Houdé-Mendel kiln for six months. The bursary was created, following François Houdé last wishes, in coalition with the Montreal glass collectors Mrs and Mr. Mendel, of supporting kiln working research and innovation

Espace VERRE Bursary

This annual juried bursary enables its laureate to use the Houdé-Mendel kiln for six months. The bursary supports research and innovation in kiln working and pâte de verre, and shares the vision of the Houdé-Mendel Bursary.

Gilles Désaulniers Bursary

The Gilles Désaulniers scholarship grants a research and creation residency in pâte de verre and lost wax at Atelier Silex in Trois-Rivières for a period of one month between January and May 2023. This grant is made possible by the generosity of Atelier Silex which wishes to pay tribute to Gilles Désaulniers, a glass artist and pioneer of art glass in Quebec and Canada who used this studio for 30 years.

Józef Bursary

An anonymous donor offers two annual bursaries of $1,250 each to students enrolled full-time in the 3rd semester of the college program to encourage them to continue their education until graduation. The name of the scholarship honors the donor’s uncle who passed away too young.