Le bateau dans tous ses états | Lyse Charland Favretti

From April 11 through Mai 24, 2024, the gallery Espace VERRE will present the Le bateau dans tous ses états, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Lyse Charland Favretti.

Over the past twelve years, the artist Lyse Charland Favretti has devoted her leisure time to navigation. Her aquatic travels elaborated a new source of inspiration: the imagery of a boat sailing through space-time. 

The boat became the vector of her emotions and the reflection of her moods, which she has chosen to express by sketching with watercolors particularly in hues of yellow and blue. Her artistic exploration has produced a multitude of variations on this theme, each sketch being a testimony of a singular emotion. And the boat, sometimes in motion or in power, announces the action of being prepared. 

For the Le bateau dans tous ses états exhibition, Lyse Charland Favretti has selected nine watercolour compositions which she then used as maquettes, and were subsequently transposed into translucent paintings, thanks to her epoxy lamination technique with antique glass. 

Born in Montreal, Lyse Charland Favretti graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts and from UQAM (fine arts). In 1981, she set up a studio specializing in the design, production and integration of stained glass works. Major works came out of this studio, thirty of which can presently be found in public buildings, both in Quebec (Du Collège Metro station, UNESCO Institute of Statistics, Westmount Square building in Montreal), and elsewhere in Canada (Ontario, Nova Scotia) and abroad (Saudi Arabia). 

From 1976 to 2020, Lyse Charland Favretti designed, realized and produced more than sixty stained glass skylights and murals that were integrated in private residences. Also, she has restored stained glass windows in churches and chapels as well as many of her own works (the Metro Station du Collège, north access, the Foyer de Sutton, the Bibliothèque du Patro Le Prévost). Additionally, from 1999 à 2014, she created several glass skylights and glass murals based on the drawings of selected artists that were installed in twenty public buildings in Northern Quebec. 

 To this day, Lyse Charland Favretti has taken part in more than twenty group and 4 solo exhibitions highlighting her stained glass works, sculptures, drawings and watercolor paintings. Moreover, she was recently honoured with a retrospective exhibition at the MUMAQ (Musée des métiers d’art du Québec) in 2023.