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Our mission

Espace VERRE is a creative centre with the mission to:

  • enable success for emerging glass artists by facilitating the development of their artistic careers in a fair and respectful environment, where skill-sharing is praised;
  • encourage and support the promotion of contemporary Quebecois glass art by celebrating our students, teachers, and associates’ individual and collective achievements;
  • provide the local and international glass art communities access to a creative and connecting hub, with studios adapted to the vast array of experiences possible for anyone working in them.

Our history

In 1983, glass artists François Houdé and Ronald Labelle worked in collaboration with various colleagues to create a studio dedicated to the fired arts (ceramic, glass and forge). On October 6, 1986, the Centre des métiers du verre du Québec inc. / Espace VERRE autonomously moved to the old fire station no21, where it still operates to this day. Over the years, many have dedicated themselves to make Espace VERRE a centre focused on glass art research, promotion and recognition.

In 1989, Espace VERRE established a partnership with the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, to offer the first three-year college programme in fine crafts, glass option (DEC).