Espace VERRE has made great strides in adopting environmental practices in its everyday routine. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize our environmental footprint in our workspaces and in our activities. Since 2022, a committee was created that includes members of the board of directors, employees, teachers and students. They have regularly assembled to assure the progress of Un Avenir Plus Verre.

Our achievements since 2022:

■ The application of a new combustion system for the glory holes.
     Impact: savings on the gas consumption.

■ The installation of hand dryers to replace paper dispensers and the distributed rags in student tool kits.
     Impact: a reduction of the use of paper towels.

■ The organization of a fundraising event in 2023 to help finance the first projects of the year.

■ The creation of a study grant to encourage the emergence of artistic projects integrating ecological concepts: The Verre & Société Bursary was created in 2023.

■ The replacing of all lightbulbs and neon lighting fixtures in the building with LED lighting, which consumes less energy, are recyclable, and are free of any harmful gases or substances.

■ The introduction of a new class intitled “Glassblowing with Recycled Glass”, which allows advanced weekend students as well as students from the glass programme, the possibility of blowing glass with salvaged glass bottles to create utilitarian objects.

■ The planification of changing the oxygen supply system for all torches: this will replace weekly delivered oxygen tanks with oxygen concentrators, allowing the constant generation of oxygen and thus control the supply of oxygen for all the torches. The installation is scheduled for the summer 2024.
     Impacts: The reduction of our carbon footprint and the self-sufficiency of the  school.


We are working on several projects for 2025 and 2026. Here are some examples:

■ The incorporation of eco-responsible work assignments, projects and new practices in the curriculum of the DEC classes.

■ The creation of a guide to adopt, apply and maintain eco-friendly gestures at Espace VERRE.

■ The integration of composting.

■ The presentation of an exhibition with an ecological theme.