From 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM on March 2, for the 2024 edition of Montreal Nuit Blanche, Espace VERRE is delighted to participate in the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE celebrations once again. We invite you to an enchanting evening, “Magie du Verre et du Feu,” which will immerse you in a universe of fiery creativity.

At the heart of this evening, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the power of glassblowing and flameworking, two fascinating techniques that combine the fragility of glass with the power of fire. Our passionate artists will reveal their talents and mastery of these ancient arts. Imagine a moment when glass, originally fragile and malleable, is transformed under the influence of fire into creations of captivating beauty. The artists, like magicians, will give birth to astonishing forms that defy the laws of nature. You’ll be captivated by the creative process as fire becomes the dreamer’s brush and glass his canvas.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. After these impressive demonstrations, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the exhibition U linum – étude de ligne, étude de soi, by glass artist Dylan Duchet at the Espace VERRE gallery. The exhibition is about trust, escapism, and the imaginary, which the artist depicts with graphic elements that decorate the glass pieces on display: “Graphics that give way to the imagination. Lines that make you think, remember, take the place of someone else. Lines that aren’t just lines. The exhibition is inspired by the artist’s own experience, and she sees it as a physical diary, presented to the public for the first time, that will ultimately take visitors on a journey to the heart of the imagination or memories.
Join us for the Magie du Verre et du Feu evening and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in the land of the extraordinary.

The student association will be present at the event with a sales table offering unique glass pieces, comforting hot beverages, and delicious cookies. The funds raised will contribute to financing an exciting trip to the Corning Museum of Glass in the United States. Come support them and acquire treasures while being part of this beautiful cultural adventure! Don’t forget to bring cash to facilitate your purchases.

free admission