From February 15 through March 29, 2024, the gallery Espace VERRE will present the U linum, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Dylan Duchet.

 “Graphics that leave room for imagination.

Lines that make you think, that make you remember, that put you in someone else’s place.

Lines that are not just lines. ”

Dylan Duchet’s fascination for lines guides his inspiration and creativity. He finds lines in urban landscapes and natural environments, creates and refines them digitally, or they just simply arise from his imagination. He utilizes lines as a form of abstract storytelling, where their arrangement and direction suggest stories or emotions. He seeks to create an interaction with the surrounding environment, transforming the way visitors will perceive the exhibition space.

For this, the glass artist chose to principally work with blown glass disks, because they are the perfect surfaces for the sandblasting technique that he enjoys using. It enables the creation of a scene, an illustrated story or even a secret, but overall, it is an opening towards a different vision of an event or a sentiment.

His works evoke intense emotions, emphasizing subjectivity and emotional depth. Intense contrasts between black and white create visually striking compositions, drawing attention to details and nuances.

Dylan Duchet completed glassblowing studies at the École Nationale du Verre, in France. Aspiring to develop and further his artistic creativeness, he pursued his studies at Espace VERRE and obtained a college diploma (DEC) in fine crafts – glass option, in 2017.

Now living in Montreal, Dylan Duchet actively pursues the exploration of his fascination for glass and the realization of his artistic process. His interest in design has incited him to create timelessly elegant works, on which he immortalizes graphic expressions allowing for personal interpretation and encouraging viewers to project their own emotions and meanings.

Also, Dylan Duchet is currently teaching the Technical Drawing and Maintenance of a Glass Studio classes to the students of the Fine Craft, glass option programme at Espace VERRE. U linum is his first solo exhibition.

Espace VERRE is a glass creativity centre located at 1200 Mill Street in Montreal. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as the last Sunday of each month from noon to 5 p.m. Admission is free of charge.


Graphic Design: Espace VERRE


Marina Dobel

Executive Director