Portrait of a Fusionnist: 3 questions for DAVID

A 2016 Espace VERRE graduate now completing his second and last year as a member of the Fusion workshop.

Other than the hot glass studio, where you develop and create your unique glass pieces, in what setting do you find comfort and inspiration, and is there anywhere that you would like to someday visit?

For the most part, those places are right in the middle of nature. Hiking in a forest or kayaking are very relaxing activities that help me to reenergize. The most inspiring place, so far, was the Wapizagonke campsite of the La Mauricie National Park, where I spent four very memorable days with my best friends Marie-Claude, Gabrielle, Mathilde, and Ariane. It was such a peaceful place that inspired me to create my chemin du ruisseau, florale, petits cristaux and où est ma perle? collections. In fact, whenever I look at our photos from that trip, I still find new form and colour ideas…

If you could invite any celebrity – living or deceased – to dinner, who would it be?

I would definitely choose Meryl Streep, because I have adored her ever since I saw her in Death Becomes Her. I am sure that we would have a great time, because she makes me laugh in all of her interviews that I have watched on YouTube – I love her charm and cunning wit.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, hopefully I will have a flourishing and prosperous career with a popular line of products, also sold in the United States. What’s more, I am hopeful that by then I will have developed my own signature style where people will see my work and automatically say: “that is a David Plante”. On a more personal note, I expect to have started a family by then, since I will be thirty [years old] which I think is the perfect age to do so.

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