The 25 YRS OF FUSION catalogue

The beautiful exhibition catalogue from Fusion’s silver jubilee celebration is available at Espace VERRE for $25  plus tax.

The perfect way to commemorate the creations of 58 glass artists that kickstarted their artistic careers thanks to our business incubator, from its foundation in 1993 to its 25th anniversary in 2018. 

Curated by Susan Edgerley, the 25 YRS OF FUSION exhibition was presented as a two-part show at the Espace VERRE Gallery: part 1/2 – unique works, from September 27 through November 2, 2018, and part 2/2 – objects + design, from November 15, 2018, through January 11, 2019.

With one-of-a-kind works by Dominique Beaupré St-Pierre, Sylvie Bélanger, Carolyne Brouillard, Maude Bussières, Vincent Chagnon, Chloé Charette, Marie Pierre Daigle, Dylan Duchet, Carole Frève, David Frigon-Lavoie, Jean-Marie Giguère, Amélie Girard, David Goranitis, Nathalie Hillman, Alexandre Hupé, Lisanne Lachance, Ito Laïla Le François, Mélanie Montour, Caroline Ouellette, Patrick Primeau, Stephen Pon, Cathy Strokowsky, Jean-Simon Trottier;

and objets designed by Isabelle Alepins, Bruno Andrus, Catherine Benoit, Karine Bouchard, Sacha Chambers, Christiane Charpentier, Maryse Chartrand, Francis Coupal, Caroline Couture, Karine Demers, Zou Desbiens, Armel Desrues, Diane Ferland, Marc-André Fontaine, Louise Gingras, Catherine Labonté, Majorie Lapierre, Pascal Leclerc, Myriam Legault Monty, Catherine Lessard, Nicola Mainville, Guy Martin, Christina Mayr, Annie Michaud, Julien Mongeau, Ashley Ouimet, Mélanie Pageau, Mario Paré, François Perreault, David Plante, Jean-François Pomerleau, Patrick Primeau, Laura Sasseville, Nicole Trudel-Marion, and Isoline Vallée.


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