Thank You to All our Christmas Activity Elves

Espace VERRE’s administration would like to commend the excellent work accomplished by this year’s staff of the Create your own Holiday Memory activity. Undoubtedly, this year’s success is greatly due to their good humour, enormous talent and amazing patience. This dedication is the core reason that this activity surpasses itself every year. Thus, we would like to specifically thank: Isabelle Alepins, Jean-François Boivin, Elisabeth-Cassandra Desbiens, Chloé Charette, Maryse Chartrand, Suzanne Delorme, Sarah Dixon, Marc-André Fontaine, David Frigon-Lavoie, Renata Hruskova, Lisanne Lachance, Émilie Lister, Ashley Ouimet, Barbara Renault, Jérémie St-Onge and Clément Vieira.

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